CIT University Pauses to Remember and Reflect on Undas

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The celebration of the All Souls’ and All Saints’ Day is a meaningful tradition among Filipinos, and we hope that our students will bring this deep meaning with them as they celebrate it in their homes with their loved ones.

Wildcat Radio X Guidance Office: A Mental Health Awareness Talk for CIT University Students

CIT University Wildcat Radio interview with Guidance Office

October in the Philippines is a month that embraces a symphony of celebrations, from the festivities of MassKara to the various town fiestas honoring local patron saints. Yet, amidst these cultural and vibrant events, there’s an important advocacy that calls for our attention — it’s Mental Health Awareness Month. To emphasize this significant issue, our […]

University Nurse

Job Description: Job Qualifications: Please email your CV and application letter addressed to the University President, Engr. Bernard Nicolas E. Villamor, to