The Junior High School Department aims for the total development of the students through a balanced curriculum enriched with values, equipping them with computer skills, science and technology concepts, as well as vocational and technical training to prepare them in the world of study in college, and in the world of work.


  1. Continue to promote the objectives of elementary education as mandated by law;
  2. Develop self-discipline, moral and cultural values and civic consciousness among students;
  3. Provide instructional programs designed to motivate the students to continuously strive for excellent academic performance;
  4. Recognize and develop the different aptitudes and interests of the students to equip them with skills for research and other productive endeavors; and
  5. Provide the students with the opportunity to participate in community activities to preserve the environment, maintain peace and order, and promote sustainable development.



Attributes Student Learning Outcomes
Values-driven Apply the values learned from the different subjects to real-life situations
Effective in communication Express one’s thoughts and feelings
Computer literate Apply knowledge in operating systems (e.g., Windows, office productivity tools (Word, Excel and Publisher)), Web Page Designing, and Computer Programming in higher education and in the world of work
Knowledgeable in science and technology Apply knowledge in science and technology in solving practical problems
Technically trained Prepare graduates for higher education, world of work and lifelong learning
Equipped with lifelong learning skills Engage in independent learning for continued self-development
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