Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why CIT University? 

A: Cebu Institute of Technology – University is an institution that provides quality education having been granted with Autonomous Status in 2016 and recognized as Center of Excellence in Information Technology Education since 2007. It has produced a total of 700+ Board Topnotchers and 85 First Placers in Licensure Examinations in Engineering, Architecture, Education, Accountancy and Nursing as of July 2023. 

Q:  What are the documents required for admission? What if the documents are not readily available upon admission application? 

A: The admission requires the following documents: NSO Birth Certificate, Report Card, and Certificate of Good Moral.  All of these documents must be submitted in a long–sized brown envelope. With any of these documents missing, applicant is advised to still take the examinations. After passing the examinations, the applicant can reserve his or her slot for admission but cannot proceed with enrollment until the necessary documents are available already. 

Q:  Is there a cut-off grade for admission per program? 

A: Grade average must reflect at least 85% if enrolling in Architecture, Engineering, Accountancy, Information Technology, Computer Science, and Nursing programs or at least 80% for other programs. Applicants who do not meet the average grade requirement will be advised to take an entrance examination. Early applicants from SHS may submit their 2nd semester midterm grade OR 1st semester final grade with certificate of enrollment for the second semester. 

Q:  Is there a quota in the number of students per program?

A: No, there is no limit as to the number of applicants to be accepted per program.  The applicant can pursue with the desired program as long as he or she is qualified to such program. 

Q:  When will be the schedule for entrance examinations? 

A: We conduct admission examination every day for the entire enrollment period. 

Q:  How long would the admission application/enrollment process take? 

A: The admission and enrollment application process takes only 4 hours or half of a day, provided that all requirements are present upon application. 

Q:  Are there available scholarships offered by the school to applicants upon admission? 

A: The institution is granting academic scholarships for deserving students who graduated at the top of their class. There is a corresponding privilege given according to rank, type of school graduated and the number of graduates in the batch. There is a separate process of availing such scholarship after admission. Please refer to the Freshmen Academic Scholarship Program brochure or contact the Office of Admissions and Scholarships.