Administrative Directory
Cebu Institute of Technology – University
N. Bacalso Avenue
Cebu City, Philippines
Telephone Numbers: +63 32 411 2000 (trunkline)
Fax Number: +63 32 2617743
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General Welfare of the CIT-U Community
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Academic Deans
(Engineering & Architecture, Commerce, Arts & Sciences, Education, Computer Studies, Nursing)

Academic Matters

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CHED Provisions

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College of Criminal Justice:
Head, Library Services
Library Orientation

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Non-print Materials
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Student Admission

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Academic Grades

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Evaluation of Subjects

Student Clearance
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Head, Guidance Center
Admission Procedures

Guidance & Counselling

Psychological/Educational Testing

Occupational/Vocational Information

Student Development
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Head, Student Success Office
Attendance Excuse Slips

Disciplinary Matters

Student Activities

Uniform Exemption

Lost and Found Section
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Head, Office of Admissions and Scholarships

External Linkage

Job Placement
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Head, Medical and Dental Services
Medical & Dental Consultations

Emergency Treatment

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Department Heads
Subject Validation

Academic Load Advice

Subject Offerings & Laboratory, Room Assignments

Instructors Load

Supervision of Departmental Academic Matters

Continuing Academic Advising
Assessment & Payment of School Fees

Examination Admission Slips

Discounts and Refunds
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Alumni Affairs Director
Alumni Affairs
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Safety and Security Officer
Vehicle Permits/Regulations

Campus Security
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Chairman & President
Engr. Bernard Nicolas E. Villamor
Vice President
Mr. John Gregory B. Escario
Mrs. Aglaloma B. Escario
Mrs. Ma. Socorro E. Villamor
Mrs. Ma. Luisa L. Villanueva
Mrs. Luicia L. Yunque
Mrs. Maria Raina Romana V. Jereza
Mr. Ian Michael C. Escario
Bernard Nicolas E. Villamor

Vice-President for Administration
Director, Student Development and Services
John Gregory B. Escario

Vice-President for Finance and Treasurer
Ma. Socorro E. Villamor

Director, Finance
Janzen Joseph G. Sevilla

Director, Human Resource
Alein B. Navares

Director, Management Information Systems / External Affairs
Larmie S. Feliscuzo

Director, Marketing
Rafaeliza P. Diano
Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Corazon Evangelista – Valencia

Dean, College of Engineering and Architecture
Evangeline C. Evangelista

Dean, College of Arts, Sciences and Education
Nona B. Suerte

Dean, College of Management, Business, and Accountancy and Director, ETEEAP
Alexander Franco A. Delantar

Dean, College of Computer Studies
Cherry Lyn C. Sta. Romana

Dean, College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences
Judith D. Ismael

Assistant Dean, College of Engineering and Architecture
Roberto P. Base, Jr.

Dean, College of Criminal Justice
Shella Debbie C. Maningo

University Registrar
Pablito G. Suerte

University Librarian
Rainera C. Boholst
Property Custodian
Nicarter V. Teves

OIC, Student Success Office
Erlyn Ivy O. Rago

Head, Guidance Center
Arnie Ernesta M. Tacdoro

Head, Office of Admissions and Scholarships/OIC, Alumni Affairs Office
Roberto P. Base, Jr.

Head, Networking and Linkages Office Manager, Central Visayas Food Innovation Center
Concordia C. Bacalso

Head, Research and Development Coordinating Office Head, Innovation and Technology Support Office
Rachel M. Chong

Head, Community Extension Services Office / NSTP Coordinator / GAD Focal Person
Luni N. Villacastin

Head, Center for E-Learning and Technology Education
Larmie S. Feliscuzo

Head, Enrolment Technical Office / Information Systems Development Office
Butch M. Cortez

Head, Instructional Materials and Publication Office
Flordeliza M. Cuerda

Head, Technical Support Group
Rolando T. Tindoy

Head, Multimedia Solutions and Documentation Office
Mary Ann G. Jaim

Head, Medical-Dental Clinic
Vanessa A. Caudor

Head, Safety and Security Department
Shella Debbie C. Maningo

Director, Athletics
Jean Marie D. Cando

Operations Officer, Wildcat Innovation Labs
Jurydel G. Rama

Manager, Makerspace/IT Security Consultant
Chris Jordan G. Aliac

Assistant Head, Research and Development Coordinating Office / Quality Assurance Officer – Administration
Alein B. Navares

OIC, Alumni Affairs Office
Regien Mary T. Abaño

Quality Assurance Officer – Academic
Liza P. Ilagan

Assistant Head, Office of Admissions and Scholarships
Anna Marie A. Granaderos

Chair, Civil Engineering
Felrem G. Lor

Chair, Mechanical Engineering
Roberto P. Base, Jr.

Chair, Architecture
June S. Bayaton

Chair, Electrical Engineering
Lowell B. Ratilla

Chair, Chemical Engineering
Vera Marie L. Lanaria

Chair, Mining Engineering
Evangeline C. Evangelista

Chair, Industrial Engineering
Cheradee Ann M. Cabanlit

Chair, Electronics Engineering
Susana A. Tan

Chair, Computer Engineering
Roel B. Lauron

Chair, Computer Science
Cherry Lyn C. Sta. Romana

Chair, Information Technology
Cheryl B. Pantaleon

Chair, Accountancy
Sarah Fe Sharon L. Gabriel

Chair, Public Administration Acting Chair, Office Administration & Business Administration
Alexander Franco A. Delantar

Chair, Hospitality Management
Lucita A. Adelan

Chair, Department of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences
Ronald C. Yrog-Irog

Chair, Engineering Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry
Daisy Romeo

Chair, Department of Languages, Literature, and Communication
Nona B. Suerte

Chair, Physical Education
Jean Marie D. Cando

Chair, Pharmacy
Maria Rubie S. Lim

Chair, Criminology
Shella Debbie C. Maningo

Assistant Chair, Architecture
Abbie C. Paclepan

Asst. Chair, Civil Engineering
Ma. Carmen L. Polancos

Assistant Chair, Department of Languages, Literature, and Communication
Flordeliza M. Cuerda

Principal, Junior and Senior High School
Raniza R. Romero

Principal, Elementary
Genabel V. Patrimonio

Assistant to the Principal, Senior High School
Alona M. Solis