A leading institution for criminal justice education


To provide high quality, research and community- oriented criminal justice education


The goal is to produce values-driven, highly competent, innovative, and technology-oriented criminal justice professionals by

  • fostering the values of leadership, integrity, accountability, and responsibility while serving their fellowmen, community, and country,

  • training students for careers in crime prevention, law enforcement, scientific crime detection, cyber security, correctional administration, public safety, and other related fields, and
  • encouraging research and inquiry into the nature, causes, treatment, or punishment of criminal behavior, as well as the operation and response of criminal justice agencies to crime, criminals, and victims.

Program Educational Objectives

Graduates from the Bachelor of Science in Criminology Program are expected to attain or achieve the following Program Educational Objectives after graduation:

    • Demonstrate essential qualifications for employment in criminology, criminal justice, and related occupations that include the mastery of core criminology and justice principles and the ability to think critically and to speak and write effectively within the field
    • Demonstrate the ability to apply criminological theory, research methods, and appropriate technology to assess, evaluate, and address issues in the practice of criminology and criminal justice.
    • Develop a fundamental commitment to the code of conduct and ethical standards of the criminology profession