A leading Center of Excellence in Computing Education


To provide quality, industry-standard computing education


To produce values-driven, industry-preferred and competent computing professionals through: proficient, supportive and highly-trained faculty; appropriate facilities; programs and pedagogy responsive to the community; as well as a culture that encourages Creativity, Innovation, and Team-work.

Baccalaureate Programs

Graduate Programs

  • Master in Computer Science
  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Master in Information Technology
  • Post Baccalaureate Program

  • Diploma in Computing
  • Post Graduate Program

  • Doctor in Information Technology
  • Objectives

    1. Offer baccalaureate and graduate computing degree programs which are CHED-compliant and industry-benchmarked
    2. Ensure that the curricular programs are reviewed yearly and revised every 5 years
    3. Ensure that 100% of full-time permanent faculty members possess relevant master’s degree and 30% are actively pursuing doctorate degrees
    4. Ensure that all faculty members are updated with new developments in the field of computing and have been involved in trainings and seminars within the last 2 years
    5. Ensure that 100% (from 70%) of the faculty members have been involved in various industry-immersion models
    6. Ensure that all courses are supported with relevant and appropriate learning resources
    7. Ensure the existence of 6 active linkages with professional organizations, academic institutions, government/non-government organizations and IT companies/industries
    8. Ensure the presence of at least 50 industry partners for the OJT program
    9. Ensure the conduct of at least 2 community extension projects per year
    10. Ensure that all full-time faculty members are involved in community extension projects
    11. Ensure that 100% (from 50%) of the full-time faculty are involved in research activities within the last 3 years
    12. Ensure that 50% (from 20%) of the full-time faculty have presented/published papers in national/international conferences/journals within the last 3 years
    13. Ensure that at least 20% of PhilNITS-sponsored students will pass the PhilNITS exam
    14. Ensure that 75% of the graduating honor students will receive job offers before graduation
    15. Ensure that 80% of graduates will be employed within 1 year after graduation

    Graduate Attributes and Students Outcomes

    Computing Professionalism and Ethics

    Act in recognition of professional, social, and ethical responsibility

    Modern Tool Usage

    Utilize modern computing tools

    Problem Analysis

    Analyze complex problems, and identify and define the computing requirements needed to design an appropriate solution

    Design/ Development of Solutions

    Design and develop computing solutions using a system-level perspective


    Effectively communicate orally and in writing using both English and Filipino

    Individual & Team Work

    Work effectively and independently in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams

    Life-Long Learning

    Articulate and discuss the latest developments in the specific field of practice

    Knowledge for Solving Computing Problems

    Apply computing and other knowledge domains to address real-world problems

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