Major Events

In CIT University, students enjoy these distinctively Technologian events:

1. Colors’ Day (August 26)

The Colors’ Day celebrates the birth anniversary of the late President Rodolfo T. Lizares, Sr. Appropriate ceremonies and activities participated in by the students, faculty and members of the administration bring about a festive spirit of music, drama, dances, and intramurals, highlighted by the symbolic raising of the department colors.

2. Founder’s Day (December 6)

The Founder’s Day commemorates the birth anniversary of the founder, Dr. Nicolas G. Escario, Sr.. CIT honors the late Dr. Nicolas G. Escario, Sr. whose far reaching vision and all pervading philantrophy have made education possible for thousands. Activities such as memorial lectures, academic exhibits and cultural presentations, are held.

3. University Day

Formerly called ‘College Day’, the University Day celebration is a reminder for Technologians of the birth anniversary of the late Don Simplicio A. Lizares Sr., First Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Educational exhibits, lecture series, cultural presentations, fellowships and athletic games culminate college and departmental achievements for the current school year.

4. Conferment Day (July 7)

The Conferment Day celebrates the day the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) created Commission En Banc Resolution No. 165-2010, which declares Cebu Institute of Technology’s elevation to university status. Since then, the official name of the institution has become Cebu Institute of Technology – University.

The first Conferment Day was celebrated on July 7, 2011.

5. Parangal

The “Parangal” is an annual tradition in CIT wherein student-achievers like Academic Scholars, winners of various Inter-school competitions, Outstanding Graduates and Leadership Awardees, Outstanding Student Organizations, Officers of the Supreme Student Government are recognized. It is usually held on the 2nd week of March.

6. Crowning of the King/Queen of Engineers

The King/Queen of Engineers is the top Engineering student of the graduating class. The crowning of the King/Queen of Engineers is a yearly tradition of honoring the King or Queen of Engineers together with his/her parents. The members of his/her court are engineering students who will be also graduating with academic honors.

This activity is spearheaded by the College of Engineering and Architecture in cooperation with the Office of Admissions and Scholarships. It is usually held on the 2nd week of March, a day after Parangal.