Virtue in Science and Technology (Virtus in Scientia et Tecnologia) is the motto of CIT University. This statement articulates Science and Technology as the institution’s core competence which shall be achieved as young people develop to become values driven individuals in their pursuit for knowledge and social advancement.

Science embodies the quest for facts and truth about life and the universe. It essentially exercises one virtue – to aspire for and speak of the truth. Because Science has provided the foundation for man to innovate, technology has been born as a concrete product of scientific ideas. This comes in various forms like infrastructure, medical provision, environment uplift and all other aspects that affect the welfare of humankind. Indeed, the field of science has complemented with man’s moral obligation to care for and nurture God’s gift to mankind which is life itself. This view has long been alluded to even in the classical work of Plato and the advocates for Natural Theology (Glifford Lectures).

However, as humans are given the free will to use God’s gift, the battle between good and evil always prevails. It cannot be denied then, that while science and technology as a field of study offers social advancement, it has been used by many to destroy life and the environment. Faced with such reality, it is essential in the mentoring of the young, the responsibility to sharpen minds as well as nurture young people’s hearts so that their actions will be guided by moral standards and the right conscience. Imbued with the spirit of a virtuous person while equipped with a scientific mind and technical know-how, how can a Technologian go wrong?

Virtus in Scientia et Tecnologia is a compelling belief that science and technology provide the necessary foundation in an individual’s quest for truth and in his/her pursuit for a better life. This desire is a moral matter, thus, the young must also be educated about virtue that guides the direction towards the right path of action.


The CIT Hymn embodies the noble spirit and fine traditions of CIT. Inspired by the official hymn of the Purdue University of Indiana, USA, Engr. Leon Magbanua, then student and Editor of the official student publication The Technician, composed the Maroon and Gold. Incidentally, one of the moving spirits behind the institution, Engr. Jose A. Cavan, is an alumnus of Purdue. Mr. Floro Abadia, then Bandmaster of CIT, arranged the hymn into a choir rendition.

The hymn was first published in the first issue of the Residuum in 1948 and first sung on the first graduation exercise of the same year.

At about the 60th anniversary celebration of CIT, the composition was enriched by the musical insights of Dr. Nicolas L. Escario, Jr. weaving unto the hymn the depth and breadth of tradition, a native Filipino aura and a touch of the contemporary times.

As a symbol of student loyalty and belongingness, the CIT Hymn is sung by members of the CIT family with respect expressive of profound esteem to and high veneration of the ideals that the institution represents.

All hail, maroon and gold
Thy colors unfold
O’er loyal Technologians
Whose hearts are strong and boldII
All hail, maroon and gold
On breezes ye sail
Thy sight we love
All hail, all hail!III
All hail, maroon and gold
To thee we shall cling
Through all the years and ages
Thy praises we will singIV
All hail, maroon and gold
Thy Strength ne’er shall fail
For thee we’ll die
All hail, all hail!For thee we’ll die
All hail, all hail!