The Senior High School Department aims for the holistic development of the students through a curriculum that equips them with research, business, and entrepreneurial skills, as well as science and technology and mathematical concepts, to prepare them for the world of study in college and in the world of work.


  1. Continue to promote the objectives of junior high school education as mandated by law. 
  2. Develop self-confidence, moral and cultural values, and civic consciousness among students.
  3. Provide instructional programs designed to motivate the students to continuously strive for excellent academic performance through investigation, innovation, and problem solving.
  4. Recognize and develop the different aptitudes and interests of the students to equip them with the skills for research, business, and entrepreneurship, and other productive endeavors. 
  5. Provide the students with the opportunity to participate in community activities to preserve the environment, maintain peace and order, and promote sustainable development. 


This strand is an integration of courses, programs or allied learning opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics using an interdisciplinary approach through investigation, innovation and problem solving. This is the best for students who have decided to pursue degrees or career in Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Education, Nursing, Medicine, or Data Analytics.


This strand offers specialized courses in Accountancy, Business, and Management. Those who complete the ABM strand will play a pivotal role in the corporate world. The global environment is basically an economic environment. It is a world with interacting business units and individuals that are producing, exchanging, distributing resources and consuming goods and services. This strand is best for students who would like to be tourism/hospitality specialist, business analytics specialists, public and government administrators, marketing/sales/financial/business/operations managers and specialists, total quality managers and specialists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, or accountants in the future.


This strand allows SHS students to combine Humanities and Social Science courses with ther fields by allowing them to choose electives from the other tracks or strands. This strand is best for those students who are undecided as to the SHS track or strand they will take or are still exploring possibilities for future undertakings.

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