A premier college of learning in the field of arts, sciences, and education continuously developing students to become highly skilled in their respective disciplines, exuding the traits of values-driven individuals willing to give the best they can in all endeavors


To provide quality education in the Arts, Sciences, and Education as well as immerse students in research and community service so that they can be well-developed individuals committed in practicing professionalism and in meeting the demands of local and global communities.


The College aims to produce arts, sciences, and education graduates who are contributors of knowledge with the creativity and willingness to help improve the lives of local and global communities


  • provide instructional resources for the general education curriculum in the undergraduate programs;
  • foster interest in the arts, sciences, and education by offering relevant programs in the fields of liberal arts, pure sciences, and teacher-education;
  • respond to the local and global challenges by providing opportunities for faculty and students to engage in research and community extension activities;
  • support the institution’s goal of strengthening academic and industrial network through a more efficient internship program for industry and education professionals as well as effective extension and linkage activities.
  • integrate moral and spiritual values in the curriculum as well as in co-curricular activities.

CASE Departments

Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (DMNS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Math with Applied Industrial Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
Department of Languages, Literature, and Communication (DLLC)
  • Bachelor of Arts in English with Applied Linguistics
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Department of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences (DHBS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Multimedia Arts
  • Master of Arts in Psychology major in
    • Clinical Psychology
    • Industrial Psychology
    • Social Psychology
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in:
    • English
    • Filipino
    • Mathematics
    • Science
  • Master of Science in Teaching Mathematics
  • Master of Arts in Education major in:
    • English Language Teaching
    • Filipino
    • Mathematics
    • Science and Technology