As a home of topnotchers that upholds the culture of excellence, CIT University supports students on their journey to intellectual exploration and personal growth. Venturing the ins and outs of the campus—every corner holds a potential adventure in learning. In the esteemed halls, classrooms, and study areas is where the pursuit of knowledge takes center stage. But beyond these buildings and classrooms lies a collection of CIT University’s learning havens that are considered as the campus’ gems. Let’s explore these havens that define the essence of campus life and learning.

When not used as a place of study, the activity center is also an avenue for different learning opportunities for studies, such as this Scrabble tournament among students and alumni.
When not used as a place of study, the activity center is also utilized as an avenue for different learning opportunities, such as this Scrabble tournament among students and alumni.

If learning haven is to be mentioned, the state-of-the-art and world class learning and activity center, the CIT University College Library or Learning Resource and Activity Center is the utmost learning haven that a Teknoy could think of. It took its transformation last 2019, and became one of the most conducive learning resource in the university with its new reading hub for quiet and comfortable space; activity loft for heightened productivity; viewing room and pitch room for collaborative discussions and team-based learning; activity center for events, workshops, and seminars and; wall of fame for the commemoration of the achievements of the Teknoys, and also serves as an inspiration to the next generation of learners and industry leaders.

Speaking of industry leaders, one of the conducive and suggested learning havens on the campus is the Graduate Library, located near the entrance of the CIT University College Library. The Graduate Library is intended for the Alumni who are reviewing for their respective board exams and graduate programs. However, the undergraduate students can also utilize this library too. Fun fact, the 86th 1st placer from the history of CIT-U’s topnotcher, Mr. Roy Christian P. Oro, along with his classmates, frequents this area in the library in preparation for the August 2023 Mechanical Engineer Licensure Exam. You never know this library might do wonders for you too. *wink*

Situated beside the Academic building, this study area is one of the first common study areas established in the campus.

If you wish to find the right balance of studying, while at the same time, taking in the natural landscape and sceneries in the campus, the study areas at the NGE (Nicolas G. Escario) building, the hallways of Don Rodolfo T. Lizares (RTL) building, the pathways near the ACAD (Academic) building, and the study area near the Engineering Department and the Gymnasium are the perfect spots to achieve that. As a top university in Cebu, CIT University recognizes the importance of a balance academic life—it provides respite from the demanding schedules through establishing these learning havens with productivity and serenity. These spaces are perfect for contemplation, discussions, or simply unwinding amidst the tranquility.

But, exploring CIT University’s campus gems is not just about the physical spaces, but rather, it is the essence of discovery. Each building, classroom, laboratory, and green space holds the promise of growth, but more importantly, it becomes a space where ideas germinate, friendships form, and dreams begin to materialize.

Ultimately, these CIT-U’s learning havens are the embodiment of the institution’s commitment to fostering holistic and quality education. As you explore these learning havens, you’re contributing to the tapestry of knowledge that enriches both your individual growth and the collective intellectual fabric of CIT University.