Mr. Harvey Tolibao doing his self-introduction for his talk at the Create Trip Summit 2023 in Il Corso Malls, Cebu South Road Properties, Cebu City.
Mr. Harvey Tolibao doing his self-introduction for his talk at the Create Trip Summit 2023 in Il Corso Malls, Cebu South Road Properties, Cebu City.

CIT University, known as the Creative Campus of the South, proudly upholds the tagline, “CIT tops again.” However, today, we’re redefining what it means to be at the top, especially when it comes to the incredible success of our alumni. We had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Harvey Tolibao, a talented comic book artist who has worked with various comic book brands, including the prestigious Marvel. We caught up with him after his enlightening talk at the Create Trip Summit 2023 on October 20-21, 2023, an event that gathered the Cebu Creative Industry, initiated by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

A Journey from Mindanao to CIT University

Hailing from Bukidnon in Mindanao, Mr. Tolibao embarked on a remarkable journey that led him to CIT University in Cebu City, Visayas. He shared his heartwarming story of how his father fell ill, forcing them to sell their properties. At one point, it seemed that pursuing a college education was an unattainable dream. However, Harvey’s determination prevailed, and he discovered the DOST scholarship, which not only opened doors to higher education but also introduced him to the welcoming embrace of CIT University, miles away from his home.

Fond Years as a Technologian

During his time as an IT student in CIT University, Harvey faced challenging years mastering programming. Yet, amidst the technical complexities, he found solace in drawing and creating caricatures. His artistic talents weren’t unnoticed, thanks to his supportive classmates and schoolmates who cheered him on. Harvey’s creative passion remained undeterred, and even in the midst of his major courses, he managed to propose a system in compliance to a course project, a system that helped him manage and sell his comic drawings. The result? He received a commendable score from his instructor, proving that his creativity knew no bounds.

The Turning Point to Doing Comics as a Career

Harvey’s life took a significant turn when one of his schoolmates, a writer for The Technologian (CIT University’s campus paper as it was then named), invited him to join the team in creating comics for the paper. This opportunity, though different from his usual interest in X-men and Marvel superhero characters, proved to be transformative. The experience of drawing characters integrated into compelling stories made him realize that he wanted to pursue a career in the world of comics.

Inspiring Words for Current Students

Harvey Tolibao with CIT University’s Marketing and Creative Team

In parting, Harvey shared inspiring words for current CIT University students, especially those pursuing creative passions. Regardless of the program they’re enrolled in, whether it’s engineering, computer studies, business, healthcare, tourism, or criminal justice, the path to their dreams remains open. He emphasized the importance of respecting instructors, classmates, and their dreams. Every moment in college, no matter how unrelated it may seem to their future careers, is a valuable learning experience that prepares them for the journey ahead. The discipline, perseverance, and patience developed during these years will prove invaluable as they enter the professional world.

Key Takeaway

As CIT University proudly declares, “CIT tops again,” Mr. Harvey Tolibao epitomizes the values of a true Technologian. He not only reached the pinnacle of success in the creative industry but also redefined what it means to be at the top. His journey serves as an inspiration for every Technologian, encouraging them to step into the same shoes and embark on their own path towards achieving their dreams. Harvey Tolibao’s story demonstrates that with determination, creativity, and respect, one can truly redefine success and emerge at the top of their chosen field.