Nourishing the Future: The Milk Feeding Program Initiative of CIT University

CIT University, in collaboration with LAMAC Multipurpose Cooperative, has embarked on a groundbreaking milk feeding program aimed at improving the nutritional intake and overall well-being of selected students from Labangon Elementary School and Labangon Bliss Elementary School. This 90-day initiative represents a strategic effort to build healthier communities and support the developmental needs of young students through essential nourishment. 

Knowledge Management Officer

Job Description: Job Qualifications: Please email your CV and application letter addressed to the University President, Engr. Bernard Nicolas E. Villamor, to

A Tribute to the Women of CIT University: Happy International Women’s Day!  

CIT University Celebrates International Women's Day

A symbol of resilience, grace, and strength—a woman embodies the essence of life’s myriad complexities and triumphs. A multifaceted being who can navigate the intricate tapestry of emotions with unwavering wisdom and compassion. In commemoration of Women’s International Day, CIT University stands in with these women to celebrate their solidarity, resilience, leadership, and countless contributions to society. We take pride in honoring the vital role that women play in molding our communities, driving progress, and inspiring change in each one within our institution and beyond.  

ICYMI: Reviewing the March of Achievements in CIT University

Reviewing the March of Achievements in CIT University

Loud and proud, the Cebu Institute of Technology – University celebrates this outstanding achievement of our BS Mechanical Engineering graduates who successfully passed the February 2024 Mechanical Engineer Licensure Exam! This momentous milestone is a testament to their unwavering dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence in their academic journey.  

Survival of the Fittest: CIT University 2024 The Hunger Games Redux

Hello, Panem! It’s the time of the year! Wildcats’ one of the most anticipated events of the academic calendar has come: the annual celebration of Intramurals. But this year, CIT University took things up differently by embracing the theme of Hunger Games, transforming the traditional sporting event into a thrilling spectacle of competition, camaraderie and survival of the fittest. Let’s have a glimpse of The Hunger Games Redux 2024!

ICYMI: A March of Collaboration, Creativity, and Competence in CIT University

A March of Collaboration, Creativity, and Competence in CIT University

This partnership with AI MONOZUKURI comes on the heels of an intensive 3-day AI MONOZUKURI Workshop that was meticulously crafted for the graduating Engineering students of CIT University. This serves as a medium to nurture well-rounded professionals equipped not only with technical prowess but also with ethical values and principles.

Recognizing Excellence: How CIT-U Continues to Lead as the Top University in Cebu

Recognizing Excellence: How CIT-U Continues to Lead as the Top University in Cebu

Another remarkable celebration unfolded and streamed live at CIT University, marking another milestone for the top university in Cebu. Two events marked and celebrated our students’ success when CIT University recognized our latest topnotchers while at the same time launched the Teknoy Ikigai Center (TIC) website that introduces our graduates and alumni to different reputable companies in the country and abroad. The event underscores the hallmark of CIT-U’s glorious achievements in engineering, science, and technology fields.