Loud and proud for the winning start of February 2024! CIT University’s College of Engineering and Architecture has set the excellence, not just once, but twice! The outstanding College of Engineering and Architecture students passed the Architect Licensure Examination last January 24 and 26, and its esteemed faculty members have topped the Intellectual Property Mock Exam.  

As the students venture this new path and responsibility, they are poised to design solutions that promote sustainability and improve the quality of life in our communities by creating impactful, eco-friendly, and inclusive spaces. This milestone is the fruit of their labor, diligence, and dedication to achieving their passion and excellence, alongside their own unwavering support system and quality guidance from their devoted instructors.  

On the other hand, like teachers, like students, our faculty members showcased their expertise and their critical role of patents and intellectual property (IP) in fostering innovations that contribute to sustainable development goals. Manifesting and practicing the culture of excellence, these devoted faculty members displayed how CIT University as a top university goes beyond academics to include the dedication to nurturing innovations and projects that address global challenges.  

This double excellence serves as a guiding light, illustrating the path to excellence within an institution that excels academically while contributing positively to global sustainability efforts. Here in CIT University, this is not just a place to learn; it is a place to flourish from the best.  

LOOK: CIT University high school students attended the Digital Thumbprint Program. 

Technological, transformative, innovative— these are the words you can greatly associate when thinking about CIT University. The university takes pride in being a trailblazer in a responsible digital citizenship.   

Last 29th of January, CIT University proudly hosted a seminar through the Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP) in collaboration with Globe Group.  

The program featured five comprehensive modules, each designed to address the nuances of digital citizenship and cyber safety. CIT University’s commitment to creating a safer and more empowered online community shines through this partnership with Globe Group. By integrating such initiatives into their curriculum, CIT is on the forefront of preparing digitally savvy and ethical leaders for tomorrow. Thanks to the engaging delivery by Globe DTP Ambassadors, students were immersed in learning about the consequences of online actions, cyber etiquette, and more, preparing them to navigate the digital world wisely. 

CIT University’s Men’s Volleyball Team finished 3rd place in the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. 

Roared their way to claim their place, the Men’s Volleyball Team, our very own Team Wildcats, finished the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. 2023 season on a fought-hard battle as third placers. Along with it, Mr. Julius Juvic M. Colonia from BS Psychology was awarded as the most valuable player in the CESAFI Men’s Volleyball event. The tourney became their canvas to display not only skill and athleticism but also the unwavering Wildcat spirit that defines CIT University.  

Navigating through a challenging tournament, the Men’s Volleyball Team went through challenges and opportunities—attending classes during the day, and training for hours after. But this displayed their resilience, teamwork, and sportsmanship that secured their place as a proud third placer. This accomplishment reflects not only our athletes’ prowess but also contributes to the growing legacy of CIT University in collegiate sports. All hail, maroon & gold!