Cebu Institute of Technology – University (CIT-U) continues to be a game changer at the recent CESAFI (Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc.) competitions, showcasing its prowess in academic and cultural excellence and commitment to quality education. CIT University, as a top university, reaffirms its dedication to nurturing brilliant and talented minds and fosters a culture of excellence through a string of victories across various events. Here are the following talented Teknoys who have strived for excellence to its fullest!  

Aesiha Scarlett Deniega’s stellar performance in oratory secured her the championship title in the CESAFI Declamation Contest Elementary Division. With her triumph under the guidance of Ms. Honeylyn C. Del Corro, she did not only demonstrate her individual talent but also reflected the university’s commitment to promoting communication skills and self-expression among students.  

On the other hand, CIT University has a back-to-back win at this year’s CESAFI Spelling Contest. Dianna Rose Angcahan and Erin Grace Feliscuzo claim the third place respectively in the High School Level and Elementary Division. With the individual guidance of Ms. Ellalyn Guarin and Jeunessa Marie Jefe, both have displayed an outstanding performance of linguistic finesse! 

The math quiz and robotics competition further solidified CIT University’s dominance in CESAFI events. Teams led by Engr. Susana Tan and Mr. Julian Semblante showcased their innovation and technical prowess, clinching top positions in the Robotics Competition. Meanwhile, Rohan Ardiente, Omar G. Lusares, and Charles Anthony S. Santillan clinched the championship title at the CESAFI Math Quiz.  

Moreover, the university’s success extended to the CESAFI Sudoku Challenge, where bright minds like Mariam Shoaib N. Nasir and Xybell Denise E. Sumipo from the Elementary Level, showcased their remarkable problem-solving skills with the guidance of their Coach, Ms. Ana Marie B. Villarin. Our college competitors, Charie Claire Cortes and Jasmine Marie Dumdum secured the First Runner Up position with their Coaches, Mariaflor J. Evangelista and Erica Luna Escultor.  

These triumphs accentuate CIT University’s commitment to quality education, aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 4. As this top university celebrates these victories in CESAFI, CIT University continues to empower students to embark on their academic journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future.  These events prepare the students for future challenges that require the skills and values cultivated in the realm of their professional fields with the university’s accessible, equitable, and inclusive education.  

With our loudest and proudest roar, we congratulate these victors and their coaches by applauding them for their brilliance, grit, and talents! Take a leap with CIT University as we embark on this culture of excellence! All hail!