a picture announcing top 1 and top 4 placers of CIT University students


Another two gold plates will be marked on the Wall of Fame as two of our exemplary students had topped and bested the December 2023 Chemical Technicians Licensure Exam!  

Aissa Marie Bucayan Flores emerged as the distinguished TOP 1, while Jeffrey Hugo De Castro secured an impressive TOP 4 position. This outstanding excellence underscores the dedication and brilliance of these exemplary students and reflects the university’s commitment to its culture of excellence.  

In this resounding triumph, this does not only resonate with personal triumphs; it becomes a platform and source of inspiration to the aspiring students to strive for this academic achievement in the ethos of CIT University.  

With our loudest roar, congratulations Aissa Marie Bucayan Flores and Jeffrey Hugo De Castro for this outstanding achievement. All hail, Maroon & Gold! 

In Memory of Dr. Nicolas L. Escario, Jr.: A Legacy of Service and Dedication 

“Time is relative; its only worth depends upon what we do as it is passing.” 

Dr. Escario’s life epitomizes the essence of making time meaningful. A loving husband, father, grandfather, devoted doctor at Cebu Doctors’ Hospital, a revered member of the Board of Directors and Director of the Medical and Dental Clinic of the CIT University, he didn’t box himself with the constraints of time; he molded and took every moment to touch lives, heal hearts, and educate countless individuals.  

The worth of Dr. Escario’s time is an immeasurable difference he made in the life of others. His dedication to healthcare, education, and his unwavering spirit of service have left an enduring impact on us all. An embodiment of a guiding light of the halls of this top university.  

A heartfelt condolence to his family and to all whose lives he enriched. 

Time, as relative as it may be, gains its true worth through a profound experience and influence had in this lifetime, just like Dr. Escario’s life.