Welcome to the Office Administration Department page. This page contains information on the Bachelor of Science in Office Administration program as well as all relevant information pertaining to the department.


  1. BSOAD Graduates are competent office administration professionals with a functional and pragmatic grasp of office management and support. They are engaged in office administration careers in functional office management and/or provide general administrative supervision, support, assistance and staff services to other office functions.
  2. Graduates are involved in life-long learning activities relevant to office management and administrative support services, including earning advanced office management degrees or completing specialized office management and support training in general management, secretarial science, office systems and information technology interface and office efficiency improvement.
  3. Graduates demonstrate competencies, knowledge, attitude and work values for possible self-employment.
  4. Graduates exhibit professionalism in working individually or as a member or leader of a team, promote office efficiency, communicate effectively, present himself or herself personably, while demonstrating professional ethics.


  1. Provide general administrative and clerical support to high-level executives guided by the Code of Ethics for Office Professionals.
  2. Coordinate office management activities.
  3. Manage office communications.
  4. Organize files, information, and office supplies effectively.
  5. Exhibit acceptable human relations skills in a diverse environment.
  6. Engage in lifelong learning to keep abreast of the development in the international employment market.