The BS in Accountancy program provides general accounting education to students desiring to pursue a professional career in accountancy.  Further, pursuant to the Accountancy Act of 2004, this is the program that qualifies someone to take the CPA Licensure Examinations.


A top provider of quality accounting education characterized by a track record of academic excellence , innovation and ethical values.


We mold great professional accountants with extraordinary determination to succeed, with world-class values-based accounting discipline and standards and who can render excellent services and solutions for any business.


  1. Graduates will be competent professionals with a functional grasp of their specialization and the management core as a whole. They will be engaged in financial accounting, cost accounting and management, financial management, management accounting, auditing and accounting information systems in public practice, academe, industry, or government.
  2. Graduates will be capable of engaging in life-long learning activities relevant to their profession, including earning advanced degrees or completing professional training.
  3. Graduates will be capable of exhibiting professionalism in working individually or as a leader / member of a team; communicating ideas effectively; and meeting the social and ethical responsibilities of their profession
  4. Graduates will be competent for the CPA Licensure Examinations and other assessments leading to certifications in Accountancy, Accounting Information Systems ans Management Accounting given by global professional Accountancy organizations.


  1. Confidently maintain a commitment to good corporate citizenship, social responsibility and ethical practice in performing functions as an accountant
  2. Employ technology as a business tool in capturing financial and non-financial information, generating reports and making decisions
  3. Apply knowledge and skills that will successfully respond to various types of assessments (including professional licensure and certifications
  4. Resolve business issues and problems, with a global and strategic perspective using knowledge and technical proficiency in the areas of financial accounting and reporting, cost accounting and management, accounting and control, taxation and accounting information systems
  5. Conduct accountancy research through independent studies of relevant literature and appropriate use of accounting theory and methodologies
  6. Express clearly and communicate ideas effectively both in oral and written forms.
  7. Exhibit professionalism in working individually or as a leader / member of a team