A leading center in architecture education renowened for its excellence in developing technologian -architects distinguished for their professional competence, research aptitude and integrity


To provide an effective and conducive learning environment to develop skills and competencies responsive in addressing the demands of a dynamic society with an upcompromising commitment to moral and ethical standards


  • Perform standard competencies in accordance with the scope of the global and local practice of architecture
  • Show trails of professionalism, sense of responsibility, equality and patriotism
  • Receptiveness of new ideas and knowledge through scientific research
  • Direct and focus the thrust of architecture education to the needs and demands of society and its integration into the social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects of nation building
  • Instill understanding of the basic philosophy and fundamental principles of the multi-dimensional aspects of architecture and the direct relationship between man and his environment


  • Keep abreast with thte developments in the field of architecture practice
  • Effectively communicate orally and in writing using both english and filipino
  • Work effectively and independently in mult-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams
  • Recognize professional, social and ethical responsibility
  • Create architectural solutions by applying knowledge in history, theory, planning, building technology, utilities, strucutral concepts and professional practice
  • Use concepts and priniciples from specialized fields and allied disciplines into various architectural problems
  • Prepare contract documents, technical repoprts and other legal documents used in architectural practice adhering to applicable laws, standards and regulations
  • Interpret and application of relevant laws, codes, charters and standards of architecture and the built environment
  • Apply research methods to address architectural problems
  • Use various information and communication technology (ict) media for architectural solutions, presentations and techniques in design construction
  • Acquire entrepreneurial and business acumen relevant to architecture practice
  • Involve in the management of the construction works and building administration

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