Physical Education

The Physical Education Department’s vision and mission are anchored on the University’s vision and mission.


TOP Philippine University in 2025
(TRUSTED Education Provider, OUTCOMES-BASED Institution of Research and Learning, PEOPLE-ORIENTED Organization)


We GEAR for Life.
(Guide learners to become industry-preferred and life ready professionals, Empower people for knowledge generation and creativity, Accelerate community development, Respond proactively to a fast-changing world)


In pursuit of excellence & development, the department strives to:

  1. Provide relevant learning activities that cultivate the physical, social, intellectual, psychological, and neuromuscular proficiency of students.
  2. Improve facilities to help in the development of students in the areas of dance, sports, fitness, and recreation activities.
  3. Render services in the promotion of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities during the conduct of Intramurals, sportsfests, and culminating events.
  4. Promote fitness activities to both CIT University and her surrounding communities.
  5. Contribute to local, national and global body of knowledge through researches in physical education, dance, sports, recreation, health and fitness, sports psychology and community-based games.
  6. Promote quality teachings of indigenous dances and games in preserving appreciation to one’s culture and nationality.


Service Physical Education Program

The department services all program units of the University by offering eight units or four (4) Physical Education (PE) courses which are prerequisites for graduation for an undergraduate degree or title.

Varsity Teams

Students who excel in sports and wants to become student-athletes may try out and train for the varsity teams, namely: badminton, basketball, chess, esports, scrabble, track and field and volleyball.

The University is a member of Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) and as such, student-athletes may be given the opportunity to represent the University and compete in various athletic, academic and cultural events during the school year.

Intramural Sports

The department conducts a yearly intramural program for the University. This program serves the huge number of students who do not possess superior athletic skills but who need the beneficial results of physical activity participation and competitive play outside PE classes.


The use of all PE facilities and equipment (balls, rackets, chess board, scrabble boards) for students is free of charge provided there is no conflict with the schedule of Service PE classes. However, the Department shall prioritize the use of sports equipment on the following students:

  1. College students who are currently enrolled in a PE course.
  2. Senior High School Students who have PE classes.

College and Senior High School Students who wish to play during their free time are allowed to borrow sports equipment and play on a Saturday.