Team Wildcats continues to roar as we reach the top in CESAFI 2023 Scrabble competitions and other student-empowering activities this week.  

Wildcats Team tops CESAFI 2023 Scrabble competition and baby Wildcats Scrabble Team at the Philippines National Qualifying Scrabble Tournament!  

CIT University TOPS AGAIN! The loudest roar goes to our Wildcats Scrabble team for the exceptional performance as they soared to victory at the CESAFI 2023 competition!  

In the High School Division, our team emerged as Champions, earning prestigious accolades, including the Highest Single Game and Best Player awards, both claimed by the remarkable Dan Krauss S. Salud. We also extend our heartfelt kudos to the rest of the High School Division team: Leo Paolo Y. Ballaso in Board 1, Aneeza Jhulia C. Tito in Board 3, Voerj Barachiel Roa in Board 4, Raffy Reyniel U. Bataluna and Andrick Dmitri B. Abella as Reserve 1 and 2, respectively.  

Our College Division has also proudly secured the 1st runner-up post with Chaz Grant Y. Borromeo clinching the Highest Single Game Award. A heartfelt kudos to Kate Azlie E. Montes from Board 1, Mar Edzel S. Abastas from Board 3, Mariefe N. Hermosa from Board 4, and Chrisna Angela G. Gabutin and ‘Zianne Denzel L. Flores as Reserve 1 and 2, respectively.  

Our young word masters from the Elementary Scrabble team have done us proud too by securing both the 1st and 2nd runner up awards at the Philippines National Qualifying Scrabble Tournament. Scarlett Zoe Desquitado was the 1st runner up under 10 category, while Voerj Barachiel Roa clinched the 2nd runner up place under the youth division, while ranked 3rd out of 65 players overall.  

A special shoutout goes to our dedicated Scrabble Coach, Loreime Ann B. Rosario, for her invaluable guidance and support for our Wildcats Scrabble Team.  

Together, these talented teams spell success, one tile at a time. Here to more victories ahead! All Hail! 

Wildcats Men’s Basketball Club Takes Center Court 

February 14, 2024, is more than just a heart’s day for our employees and staff; it is a celebration of sports, wellness, and camaraderie. CIT University proudly unveiled the Wildcats Men’s Basketball Club, an exhilarating journey for the university’s staff and employees.  

This groundbreaking initiative symbolizes CIT University’s dedication to promote and foster a healthy, active, and united environment, supported by the Human Resource and Athletics Departments, and the management.  

By championing Sustainable Development Goal #3: Good Health and Well-being, we not only prioritize physical wellness but also cultivate a culture of holistic well-being.  

Join us as we rally behind the Wildcats as they embark on this remarkable venture, striving for excellence both on and off the court. Because at CIT University, a top university, we recognize that a healthy body lays the foundation for outstanding work. Let’s shoot for success together! All hail!  

Computer Engineering Students gather in CIT University for ICpEP7 Regional Convention 

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure— The CIT University takes another leap to host the prestigious Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines Region 7 (ICpEP7) Regional Convention with Computer Engineering students from far and wide.  

These two days are filled with productive lectures and exhilarating competitions, showcasing their talents and passion for innovation. These brilliant minds are not only putting their skills to test and enhancement, but also paving the way towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 9, which focuses on Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.  

These brilliant students deserve a heartfelt cheer for their passion and dedication and paving their path toward productive learning and contribute to shaping a future brimming with innovative solutions for a sustainable world.  

As a top university, CIT-U stands proud as a bastion of creativity and progress, inspiring its students to lead the charge towards a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow! All hail!