Catch a Glimpse of CIT University’s Welcome Week for the Second Semester of AY2023-2024

A great reminiscing for the Welcome Week of the second semester of AY 2023-2024 for CIT University.

Maroon and gold banderitas, colorful creative booths, and buzzing crowds—the pulsating heart of CIT University during Welcome Week, a time when our campus transforms into a vibrant hub of innovation, creativity, and communal spirit. The air buzzing with excitement, the pathways echoing with laughter, and the spirit of unity encapsulates the very essence of CIT pride. In CIT University’s Welcome Week, we transcend the ordinary and dynamic environment, becoming a kaleidoscope of experiences that shape the unique tapestry of student life at CIT University.  

Let’s delve into the beauty of this memorable week-long celebration here on the creative campus of the South!  

Street Art: A Canvas of Creativity and Fun!  

Vibrant hues and abstract and imaginative expressions made the campus alive during the Street Art event. This first event consisted of different talented students who transformed the ordinary into extraordinary spaces with a fusion of colors and strokes of chalk telling a unique identity and story of these creative students. The Street Art did not only add a visual appeal to the campus but also fostered a sense of artistic unity among the students.  

Wildcat Mascot: The Heartbeat of CIT Pride 

What is Welcome Week without the presence of our very own Wildcat? The Wildcat Mascot took center stage, exuding energy and excitement throughout the Welcome Week. Sashaying the pathways and hallways, the Wildcat became a symbol of unity, pride, and enthusiasm, while engaging interactions and giving out the customized university stickers for the event. The Wildcat Mascot is more than just a symbol to the Teknoys—it embodied the collective spirit the unites the entire CIT University.  

Petnoy: TeknoFestival 2.0 

An extraordinary celebration where the campus comes alive with the delightful presence of our students and their cherished pets. A colorful array of pets—from dogs to cats—creates a lively and inclusive atmosphere. Pet owners and their animal companions become an integral part of the celebration, weaving a tapestry of joy and shared experiences. 

CIT University’s Welcome Week was more than just an introduction to campus life – it was a celebration of diversity, creativity, and the boundless potential that each student brings to the community. These events not only set the tone for an exciting academic year but also emphasized the institution’s dedication to fostering an environment where every student can thrive and make a meaningful impact. Welcome to a year of innovation, collaboration, and boundless possibilities at CIT University!