As you navigate through the halls of the campus, you might immediately notice the bustling crowds of students, and the state-of-the-art facilities. But what this campus hides lies a hidden gem—a cohort of whiskered wanderers that bring a unique touch to our campus life, our Wildcats. These feline residents have become an integral part of our daily routine, weaving their ways into our hearts with their confident strides and comforting presence. A glimpse of these majestic felines leisurely strolling by and exuding an air of tranquility amidst the academic whirlwind.  

Their relaxed demeanor is infectious, prompting a pause in our fast-paced schedules, urging us to take a moment and embrace the simple joys of life. But who are these four-legged companions that have seamlessly integrated themselves into the fabric of our campus?  

Meet our beloved Wildcats: 

Bruno: Have you heard the lyrics “Chillin’ like a villain”? Well, that is very Bruno-catified. Bruno is one of the most well-loved wildcats here on the campus for his manly, kind, and chill aura. You would usually see Bruno sashaying the area of PE Department, and sometimes in the Senior High School Registrar’s Office.  

Garfield: Meet Garfield. Garfield is a clingy, sweet, and teasing wildcat known for its belly requests. Rushing through your classes or fixing your eyes to the books? Garfield would follow you, sit and study with you just to give you the warmth of rubs and a tease of gigil. Garfield’s spot is usually at the Alumni’s Office.  

Hiro: One of the stress relievers of the Nursing and Computer Engineering students is here. Hiro is usually nestling out in the Quality Assurance Office, providing a cuddle and pat for everyone. If you wish to have a selfie with Hiro, no worries as he is very accommodating and friendly.  

Sunny: Nala the Cat who? CIT University has its own photogenic cat, Sunny. Just like its name, Sunny, radiates brightness and warmth to its fellow Technologian students. A balance of nonchalance and affection is what makes Sunny, Sunny. You would often see Sunny in the Allied Building or at the backside of the Junior High School Department. 

Chase: If Sunny loves a photo, exclude Chase from it. Chase the wildcat loves to chill, relax, and minds his own business in the Nicolas G. Escario building. If you wish to take a photo of him to commemorate his cuteness, well, kindly do ask consent as your Highness will roar you up if you do so.  

One might wonder: how did these furry residents become a part of our university landscape? They’re not just chance visitors; they are lovingly cared for by our dedicated offices. These feline friends are provided with nourishment, shelter, and the affection they deserve, making our campus their cozy abode. 

After all, in their serene presence, we find a slice of home within our academic abode. All Tail, Maroon and Gold!