In today’s fast-paced and innovating educational landscape, a necessity to adapt plays a vital role in providing the holistic education that the students need. As a top Philippine university, CIT University is integrating cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art facilities to empower students on their journey toward academic success. Here are some of the prominent resources provided by CIT University to maximize the learning potential and drive academic excellence of the students.

Digital Learning Platforms

LAIR serves as a platform for the CIT-U students to access course materials through quizzes, discussion forums, and multimedia content provided from their instructors. LAIR also has a feature that help students manage their schedules by reminding them of the deadlines, and dues for their school works, activity calendar, and track progress for each of the course material provided. These features are one of the best features of LAIR.

This tool provides a vast of knowledge from e-books to academic journals to have the students an easy to access up-to-date information with the convenience of exploring research database from anywhere, anytime, without being bound by physical library hours. This e-library has also an e-service that can process a request to borrow the physical book that the students wanted. These resources ensure that students can effectively maximize their time and foster invaluable academic success.

Topnotch Facilities

To provide an immersive and holistic education, CIT University also offers topnotch and state-of-the-art facilities that can also ensure the quality education that the students need.

As a top university in Cebu, CIT University ensures the quality education and guide learners to become industry-preferred and life ready professionals. And with the fast-paced innovating educational landscape, CIT University adapts to this by integrating topnotch and state-of-the art facilities, and serves as a catalyst for academic success. CIT University remains to be the forefront, leveraging opportunities to provide a world-class education and empower people for knowledge generation and creativity.