ICYMI: CIT-U Highlights for March 2023

IdeaEnglish Internship Program with CIT-U Senior High and Elem students

Ookina hagu wo anata ni! The internship program for the eight Japanese students from Kwannsei Gakuin University was a success. As CIT-U sets to hone students that are innovative and competent, two of the attributes possessed as the TOP Philippine university in Cebu, our CIT-U Elementary and Senior High School department supported these eight Japanese students in integrating, cultivating in our basic education classes, and exploring Cebu’s rich culture. International exchange programs like this one is a valuable experience as it promotes cultural diversity and a unique approach to new innovation and excellence.

IdeaEnglish Cultural Immersion with CIT-U Junior High School Students

From enjoying the tasty pink, cloud-like cotton candies to playing our infamous “Laro ng Lahi”, 27 Japanese students from Keika Junior High School indulged in a lively and fruitful cultural immersion with the Junior High School students of CIT University. CIT-U’s covered court was filled with the Japanese students’ tanoshii and oowarai for this cultural immersion initiated by IdeaEnglish in partnership with CIT University. The event is a fun platform for the students to have an opportunity to learn about each other’s cultures, customs, traditions, and values by experiencing it first-hand. This has also become a great way to improve the student’s interpersonal skills especially with interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds, as this is one of the vital attributes that make CIT University as a TOP university in Cebu. This memorable event did not just formed camaraderie between two nationalities, but it created a more profound integration with the cultural facets of Japanese and Filipinos.

BISU Benchmarking with CIT-U

CIT University does not just stop as being the TOP University in Cebu, but rather, CIT-U endeavors to achieve the vision of becoming a TOP Philippine University in 2025. And as CIT University embarks on that journey, we strive to explore ways that prompt us on that vision. With this in mind, CIT University was delighted to host a delegation from Bohol Island State University (BISU) – Main Campus of Tagbilaran City for a benchmarking activity. This benchmarking initiative serves as an opportunity for both universities to integrate expertise and knowledge, specifically with the success of the Wildcats Innovation Lab, wherein CIT-U could impart significant steps in shaping BISU’s Technology Business Incubator (TBI) dubbed as “Balik sa Bohol TBI”.