CIT University Held FIRST-EVER Film Festival

In the history of the top engineering university of Cebu, CIT University held its first-ever Film Festival in celebration of the National Arts Month. The film fest was spearheaded by the student organization, Creative Alliance of Multimedia and Visual Arts Students (CAMVAS). With the many firsts happened during the Arts Month Festival, one that highlights the event is its first full outdoor in-person viewing of the short film entries made by our very own Multimedia Arts students, showcasing their own perception of the theme “Kumusta Na Ka?”. It opens up a dialogue on how people are doing and encourages viewers to reflect on their very own well-being and of the others around them. 

CIT-U Celebrated 76th University Days 

The annual celebration of the 76th University Days is one of the notable highlights in being a Teknoy in CIT University. This year’s celebration remembers the 143rd Birth Anniversary of the late Don Simplicio A. Lizares, Sr—the First Chairman of the Board of Trustees of CIT University. Various activities were held to commemorate this eventful time, which included the face-to-face conduct of the 2020 – 2022 Topnotchers Namemarking Ceremony. Faculties and staff were also treated to their own intellect treat through Bangga Sa Mga Banggiitan, a quiz bowl event that is spearheaded by the CIT University’s HR Department. The students, meanwhile, were able to celebrate and party on their own with Teknobeats hosted by the CIT-U – Supreme Student Government. In these days, we celebrate the place where we learned, grew and became who we are! All hail! 

CIT-U Hosted Cebu City BFP in the Kick-off of the Fire Prevention Month

Every first of March, the whole country observes the opening of the Fire Prevention Month. So on March 1st 2023, CIT University hosted the opening salvo of this important event for Cebu City fire offices spearheaded by the Cebu City Bureau of Fire Prevention (BFP). A loud siren aired in the university early in the morning followed by a motorcade from the BFP. This kick-off Ceremony of the Fire Prevention Month ignites the fire within us to emphasize the importance of fire prevention and preparedness, now that we are on the month where fire incidents are gradually increasing. By equipping students and the wider community with the necessary knowledge and skills, CIT-U and BFP collaborate to contribute in creating a safer and more resilient community towards building a safer and more prepared community. Don’t wait until it’s too late—prioritize fire prevention! All hail! 

2020 – 2022 Topnotchers Name marking Ceremony 

Another tradition in CIT University that is constantly nurtured throughout the years is the momentous Topnotchers Namemarking Ceremony. As a home of topnotchers, CIT University acknowledges and honors the hard work and diligence to excellence of these topnotchers. The namemarking ceremony established a significant inspiration to the CIT-U community, most especially he students, in striving towards excellence with hard work. It had furthermore served as a reminder that great power and great excellence comes greater responsibility. A resonant roar to all these topnotchers! 

Wildcats Scrabble Teams bagged the championship on the Philippine Scrabble Caravan 2023

 Click, clack, clunk! The Wildcats Scrabble Team has once again made the Teknoys roar on their loudest and proudest roar when they have bagged another major awards on the Philippine Scrabble Caravan 2023, after that memorable Championship title last CESAFI Season ’22 Scrabble Tournament. CIT University, as a top university of Cebu, is known to be creating historical moments—Kristin Avril A. Siangko and Leo Paolo Y. Ballaso become one of the living reminder as Kristin had made the highest single move of 107 points, and Leo bagging the 2nd place in the 2nd Leg Youth Division. This momentous event is one for the books in the history of the Wildcats Scrabble Team. All hail!