Nourishing the Future: The Milk Feeding Program Initiative of CIT University

CIT University, in collaboration with LAMAC Multipurpose Cooperative, has embarked on a groundbreaking milk feeding program aimed at improving the nutritional intake and overall well-being of selected students from Labangon Elementary School and Labangon Bliss Elementary School. This 90-day initiative represents a strategic effort to build healthier communities and support the developmental needs of young students through essential nourishment. 

ICYMI: Reviewing the March of Achievements in CIT University

Reviewing the March of Achievements in CIT University

Loud and proud, the Cebu Institute of Technology – University celebrates this outstanding achievement of our BS Mechanical Engineering graduates who successfully passed the February 2024 Mechanical Engineer Licensure Exam! This momentous milestone is a testament to their unwavering dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence in their academic journey.  

ICYMI: A March of Collaboration, Creativity, and Competence in CIT University

A March of Collaboration, Creativity, and Competence in CIT University

This partnership with AI MONOZUKURI comes on the heels of an intensive 3-day AI MONOZUKURI Workshop that was meticulously crafted for the graduating Engineering students of CIT University. This serves as a medium to nurture well-rounded professionals equipped not only with technical prowess but also with ethical values and principles.

Supporting Employee Well-being: CIT University’s Commitment to Mental Health

Supporting Employee Well-being: CIT University's Commitment to Mental Health

At CIT University, we understand that employee well-being is paramount to fostering a positive and productive workplace environment. That’s why we are excited to announce our latest initiative aimed at supporting the mental health and overall well-being of our faculty and staff: the Psychological First Aid (PFA) seminar-workshop.

ICYMI: CIT University 2024 Starter Kickoff

CIT University 2024 Starter Kickoff

The CIT University runs through the first month of the year with exciting events and jubilant celebrations of different awards. We look back at these achievements with gratitude!