The Cebu Institute of Technology – University welcomed a brand new month with a series of skill-building, profession-enhancing, and life-refreshing activities. Let’s check them out!

Energy Startup Bootcamp for Teachers

CIT University, as a top university, aims to continuously evolve and provide industry-preferred education. With this being said, faculty members from the CIT University’s College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA), and College of Management, Business and Accountancy (CMBA) have enhanced their industry alignment through Energy Startup Bootcamp for Teachers hosted with the New Energy NEXUS Philippines. This intensive program was scheduled from August 1 to 3, 2023 and aims to equip our faculties with the necessary to integrate sustainable development goals into their curricula. The program was divided into topics that mainly tackle the promotion of sustainability into the domains of engineering and business/entrepreneurship, and immersive exchanges of insights from academic knowledge and real-world experiences. This program aims to have its newfound expertise to be a medium for them to refine their teaching methods that caters and molds their students into an industry-preferred with cutting-edge insights and knowledge. The Energy Startup Bootcamp for Teachers, in collaboration with New Energy NEXUS Philippines, signifies the university’s unwavering dedication to preparing the students for the demands of the innovating modern world. All hail!

Junior High School (JHS) Faculty Development

To transform both life and work is to radiate self-love and ignite joy and playfulness. The CIT University Junior High School Department prepared for the upcoming academic year by revitalizing their selves through engaging on the activity “Loving Oneself: Bringing Playfulness in Life and in the Workplace” last August 3, 2023 at the Learning Resource and Activity Center (LRAC). The activity was facilitated by Rev. Fr. Jacque Loreto, who was trained in play therapy in France, and is a member of the Philippine Mental Health Association. The goal of the activity was to infuse a spirit of self-love and joy into both personal lives and professional spaces, which is simple and profound. This event has emphasized that playfulness isn’t just for leisure, but also a potent tool in the workplace too. This initiative is a positivity seeds sown by the Junior High School Department and is to be shared and nurtured students’ potential for a brighter future, both personally and professionally.

College of Criminal Justice conducts Panel Interview for Intern Officer Selection

In the pursuit to maintain the culture of excellence of CIT University, the College of Criminal Justice takes a significant stride in honing the next generation of law enforcement professionals by orchestrating a pivotal panel interview for the selection of intern officers. This juncture is a crucial part of their journey as they engaged with a panel of esteemed law enforcement officials that fortify their path towards becoming exemplary professionals. This selection process nurtures their students to take a huge commitment and step a purposeful stride to their professional and personal growth as they become a beacon of hope for the future law enforcement. May this journey become an empowering and transformative internship for them as they ultimately shape themselves to be the pillars of integrity and excellence within the realm of law enforcement. All hail!

College of Criminal Justice Dons Ranks for Students

On August 4, 2023, the College of Criminal Justice celebrated the Donning of Ranks, a moment ceremony that recognizes the exceptional achievements the students had made as they complete their rigorous selection process and demonstrated exceptional qualities as an Intern Officer. With pride and honor, CIT University acknowledges their dedication and commitment as they were bestowed their respective ranks. The said event does not only acknowledge their achievements but also celebrates the values they embody –qualities that are essential in the realm of criminal justice. The students became distinguished interns that uphold integrity, discipline, and commitment to service as they were bestowed by their ranks.