Senior High

The CIT-University Senior High School offers the following strands: STEM (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATHEMATICS) This strand is an integration of courses, programs or allied learning opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics using an interdisciplinary approach through investigation, innovation and problem solving. This is the best for students who…

Junior High School

AIM The Junior High School Department aims for the total development of the students through a balanced curriculum enriched with values, equipping them with computer skills, science and technology concepts, as well as vocational and technical training to prepare  them in the world of study in college and in the…

Elementary School

AIMS The Elementary Department aims to provide quality education that imbues pupils with values, develops their communication and computer skills, enhances their technological knowledge, professes Filipino identity by appreciating Filipino heritage and culture, and become a responsible member of the community who is concerned with the marginalized sectors of society.…

Natalio Bacalso Ave.,
Cebu City, 6000
Cebu Philippines

Telephone: 261-7741; 411-2000
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