As Filipinos, we look forward to the holidays knowing that loved ones and friends from outside the country are coming home to spend the most wonderful time of the year with us.

In CIT, we are ALWAYS excited to welcome alumni who visit us ANY TIME OF THE YEAR. However, it is extra special when our former students who are now based abroad take the time to drop by and check on their former professors and take a quick tour around the campus.

We are happy that during his quick holiday break, MARLO TERIANA, stopped by the College of Management, Business and Accountancy to give updates on how and where he has been since graduation. In this video, you will learn how MARLO landed his job in WYNDHAM GARDEN HOTEL AND WOODWARD CONFERENCE CENTER in AUSTIN, TEXAS. As a student, he experienced working while studying just to get through. But his circumstance did not hinder him from making the most out of his student time as he was still very active in other activites such as volleyball.

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