Community Extension


The office of Community Extension Services (CES) is the official arm of the institution to carry out the third function of a higher education institution – i.e., EXTENSION.

It provides opportunities for the members of CIT- University to exemplify the spirit of concern and communal participation in bringing assistance to the needy through outreach programs and activities. This, in a way, expands the simple teacher-student off- campus activities to a full-blown service to the community.


A strong and dependable service provider of partner communities


To improve the quality of life of partner communities


  1. Assist and support livelihood programs and skills training to improve the quality of life;
  2. Increase the participation of students, faculty and staff in community development;
  3. Improve the social and environmental conditions of the barangay through health, literacy, and psycho-social awareness programs; and
  4. Strengthen social consciousness among students, faculty, and staff.

View the most recent activities here.

CES also provides other services such as the facilitation of the Financial Aid in times of Emergency or Calamity.

Telephone Number: (032) 261-7741 local 112

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