Business Administration


A top school of business consistently forming values-driven, highly- competent and innovative professionals committed to the pursuit of excellence in the national and global business community


To develop values-driven management and business professionals who are quality-impassioned and highly functional.


The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program (BSBA) is designed to produce graduates that are equipped with knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently operate a business organization or provide operate and support, using critical decision-making skills, leadership skills, managerial skills for strategic and innovative systems and procedures necessary for competing in the national and global business community.  The program empowers students with a clear vision of each division in an organization be it management, marketing, finance, operations, human resource and  quality systems and procedures.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in:

  • Operations Management
  • General Business Management
  • Banking & Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Quality Management
  • Business Analytics
BSOAD Outcomes
OAD CodeDescription
OAD1Provide general administrative and clerical support to high-level executives guided by the Code of Ethics for Office Professionals. (6.3.1)
OAD2Practices and demonstrates IT skills and use of technology and tools necessary for the efficient performance of office functions in a business organization. (6.2.5)
OAD3Coordinate office management activities. Organize files, information and office supplies effectively. (6.3.2, 6.3.4)
OAD4Plan and implement business-related activities adapting and improving using new techniques in business to meet the demands of global community. (6.2.7)
OAD5Manage office communications, and exhibit acceptable human relations skills in a diverse environment. (6.3.3, 6.3.5)
OAD6Coordinate office management activities and function effectively as leader or as member of a team. (6.3.2)
OAD7Engage in lifelong learning to keep abreast of the development in the international employment market (6.3.6)
OAD8Graduates will be capable of engaging in life-long learning activities relevant to their profession, including earning advanced degrees or completing professional training through business research. (6.3.5)

Program Educational Objectives

Graduates from the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program are expected to attain or achieve the following Program Educational Objectives within approximately four (4) years after graduation:

  • Defined competence in the business administration profession and/or progress toward an advanced degree in business administration.
  • Manifested skills – orientation, competitiveness, conceptualization and high functionality in business management.
  • A high degree of strategic and organizational management, human relations skill, and management skills, being able to relate with both internal and external clients with a marked ability in English proficiency, communication skills, customer service relations and internalizing the basic concepts of total quality management.

Expand business, management, marketing, finance, accounting, production and information technology and general knowledge through global connectivity through the use of state of the art facilities brought about by information technology.

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