26 thoughts on “Application Procedure

  1. I would like a follow up regarding my promisory note which i sent significantly late. I am sorry for inquiring too late, I hope you still consider my application.

  2. is there an online application for incoming college freshman for 2022? I want to study in this school. I want to apply if there is an online enrollment. What are the procedures to be enrolled in this school?

  3. I have entered the wrong classification, department, program, and year level on my application. Is there any way I could undo this?

  4. Hello, I am interested in enrolling in your school. I have some inquiries regarding the whole year’s tuition fees and how much. Will there be an entrance exam? Does the school have a scholarship program? Thank you po and pardon me for the inconvenience.

  5. I would like to apply to this school because I believe it has the quality education I need and it has the capability to mold aspiring students into competitive professionals that will serve as pioneers to our future.

  6. The online application is so confusing and it’s not well made. We were asked to provide information in the box but does not specify what exactly should be put.

  7. To become a student of this prestigious school would be very lucky and blessed in terms of garnering quality knowledge and skills to become somebody in the future that the society and economy will benefit and be proud of. And that is why as a graduating student of SHS, I am really hoping to become part of CIT-U family

  8. My family and relatives admire this institution for having complete equipments and facilities for academic and non-academic activities. CIT-U really aims quality education for their students to become more competent in all fields and aspects.

  9. Good day, I am Julienne Faith B. Jongco, a newly graduated senior high student wish to apply/enrol at Cebu Institute University with my first choice course of Bachelor of Science in Architecture..
    Thank you!

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