Day: June 15, 2020


VISION A top provider of quality accounting education  characterized by  a track record of academic excellence , innovation and ethical values. MISSION We mold great professional accountants with extraordinary determination to succeed, with world-class values-based accounting discipline and standards and who can render excellent services and solutions for any business.…

Business Administration

Vision A top school of business consistently forming values-driven, highly- competent and innovative professionals committed to the pursuit of excellence in the national and global business community Mission To develop values-driven management and business professionals who are quality-impassioned and highly functional. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration…

Hospitality Management

VISION A stewardship dedicated for the formation of values-driven, highly-skilled, and career-focused hospitality and tourism professionals MISSION To craft character, to coach towards quality skills, and instill hunger for knowledge among young students impassioned to transform themselves into world-class tourism and hospitality professionals PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: CIT-U BSHM & BSTM programs…

Physical Education

PHYSICAL EDUCATION The Physical Education Department’s vision and mission are anchored on the University’s vision and mission. VISION A top academic institution continuously developing Values – driven, highly Competent, and Innovative Technologians MISSION To ensure quality instruction, research, and community extension for the total development of Technologians committed in practicing professionalism and in…


The Curriculum 1. Pre-School Montessori activities such as: sensorial, practical life, free choice and creation are infused in major subject areas in Nursery 1 and 2 and Kinder 1. 1.1 Nursery 1 & 2 CBA (Character Building Activities)Reading and PhonicsLanguage & SpellingMathScience & HealthWritingOutdoor PlayStory Telling 1.2 Kinder 1 &…

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